*AUREA Awards Jury: Cathy Hackl, Futurist; Kathleen Cohen, Jury Chair; Tech Humanist, Thomas Wagner, CEO VR Coaster; Frederic Lecompte, Co-Founder Blacklight VR/AR; Frank Govaere, VFX Supervisor UFA Berlin
Kathleen Cohen Profile Photo

Kathleen Cohen

Immersive Design
and Experience Strategist

Kathleen Cohen is known as a Tech Humanist and an XR Immersive Strategist with over 25+ years building both user and guest experiences.

Founder of The Collaboratorium, a consultancy focusing on XR Research, XR Strategy & Production, as well as Public Engagement, Kathleen's clients range from Megacity, Gigacity projects to Health & Wellness implementations, as well as Media & Entertainment. Her XR Research focuses on key learnings from both the Indigenous Science and the Neurodivergent communities.

Kathleen’s background as a Creative and a Producer includes: DreamWorks Interactive, IBM Centers for Innovation and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. Kathleen also was the former Vice President of Digital Innovation & Integration for The National Constitution Center helping to tell the contemporary story of the U.S. Constitution. Kathleen sits on the Advisory Board of holoride (Munich); a spinout of Audi innovation, think passenger entertainment, or XR in your car. For the past five years, Kathleen has also been the Jury Chair and Keynote Speaker for the AUREA Award, a conference and awards show, focusing on global excellence in immersive XR entertainment, hosted by Europa-Park.

Kathleen's past talks include: Presentense®, A Place Called Now®, Being Human, Becoming Human and Beyond Human® IRL vs. XR®, The Future and Present Converge(s)®. and Meet Your Digital Twin®, a talk about the land rush to recreating humans.

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AWE Expo 2023: Finding Vegas VR Nirvana in the Backseat of a ’67 Deville

AWE Expo 2023: Finding Vegas VR Nirvana in the Backseat of a ’67 Deville

This casual discussion outlines the original mission of holoride from 2015, with our co-founder’s vision spun out of AUDI Innovation. Our longstanding partnerships with HTC and Schell Games paint an immersive journey building a solid platform together pairing real time car data, open map data and original content creation. We will explore the successes and challenges within the VR industry that helped us reach our goal of an Elastic SDK, the onboarding of more strategic partners, our RIDE Token, scaling a diverse company, launching a consumer facing product store and rolling this out both in Germany and the US. So what’s in store for the next 5 years, 12 years — and, the long game of mobility, transportation and media & entertainment? Come join the lively conversation.

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A Journey Into Immersive Worlds

A Journey Into Immersive Worlds

Tuesday, May 2, 2023
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Beverly Hilton – Oasis Pavilion
As the exciting capabilities of multi-media technology become more clearly defined, society is experiencing one of the most creative periods in recent history. This new era of immersive experiences blurs yet enhances the lines between physical and digital realities. From gaming to art, to education, to AI, we are experiencing the information transformation of the world around us and witnessing the revolution of technology. Our panelists will share their insights on the current state of these areas and the ethical considerations accompanying this new frontier.

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Milken Institute 25th Global Conference

Milken Institute 25th Global Conference

The Milken Institute Global Conference convenes the best minds in the world to tackle its urgent challenges and envision its exciting opportunities.

The event brings together individuals with the capital, power, and influence to change the world with those whose expertise and creativity are rethinking health, finance, technology, philanthropy, industry, and media.

Throughout the past two years, the pandemic has transformed the way we convene, collaborate, and connect—sparking both innovation for what’s next and gratitude for what once was. The 25th annual Global Conference will center on the theme of “Celebrating the Power of Connection.”

Join us as we once again engage with our community to share the adversities and achievements of this moment in history—translating lessons learned into building meaningful, healthy, and prosperous lives.

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Aurea Award 2022

AUREA is the leading European conference in VR, AR, XR, MR, and immersive entertainment. It’s a global community of leaders at the intersection of immersive technology, a forum for creators to build the products of tomorrow, and a space for for innovators to interact, engage, and learn. We strive to highlight the latest trends, celebrate excellence, and kickstart collaboration. Building on the success of our digital event last year, the 4th annual AUREA Award will combine physical, virtual, and digital formats. The event is presented by Europa-Park, whose industry-leading expertise offers attendees a chance to experience the latest entertainment.

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